Getting started
How to get going with your account

To get started with your account you will first need to register it. The registration process is pretty self-explanatory.

After you have submitted your registration you will need to activate your account by accessing the activation link that has been sent to your email address upon registration.

Once logged into your account you will see 3 warning messages:

  • One about adding your profile details
  • Another about verifying your phone number
  • And the last about verifying your identity

In order to use your account for buying, selling or posting offers you will need to add your profile details. The mandatory details are your country and your XRP wallet address. If you do not wish to share your personal details with, you can simply select the "Trade anonymously" option while editing your profile.

Verifying your phone number and identity are optional, however, please take into consideration that the likelihood of other members accepting your transactions or request transactions from your trade offers highly increases if you complete these steps.

This is pretty much everything there is to do when getting started with your account.

If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us.