How to sell XRP
Full explanation on how to sell XRP using

Step 1.

Register an account with here, then activate it by accessing the confirmation link you received in your email.

Step 2.

Edit your profile and add your XRP address.

Step 3.

Navigate to the "SELL XRP" section or use this form to search for offers that match your requirements.

Step 4.

Navigate to the trade offer you chose by clicking it's respective " View offer" button

Step 5.

After thoroughly checking whether this trade offer suits your needs enter the amount of XRP you wish to sell and your message for your trading partner. You can also enter an amount in your selected currency as the inputs are linked to eachother. When you are done press the initiate transaction button.

Step 6.

Once your transaction has been initiated, you will have to wait until your trading partner accepts it.

Step 7.

After the transaction has been accepted you will deposit the XRP payment into our escrow account.

Step 8.

As soon as your XRP deposit has been confirmed to be in our escrow account you should communicate your fiat payment details to your trading partner using the messaging system within the transaction.

Step 9.

It is now your trading partner's turn to send the fiat payment to you and confirm it as soon as it is done on his side.

Step 10.

Press the "Release the escrow payment" only after you have received the fiat payment from your trading partner. This action will conclude the transaction and the escrow payment will be released to your trading partner.